[a community-led nonprofit DAO funding impact litigation]

making the justice system work for the people, by the people

What We Do

We are a collective of everyday people fighting to restore legal balance.The DAO funds strategic litigation for under-resourced plaintiffs to prevail in court against wealthier, powerful defendants. The idea is that these case outcomes will have long-lasting impact.We support cases that aim to protect the rights of consumers, workers, and historically marginalized groups.Specifically, we provide grants and funding to legal nonprofits, small private law firms, and individual attorneys for cases that protect and uphold constitutional rights, civil rights, labor rights, human rights, environmental justice, as well as cases that fight against discriminatory practices, police brutality, and financial fraud.We respect and admire attorneys who dedicate themselves to these causes, and we aim to give them fairer funding options to fight these cases. We believe litigation finance should not be predatory.If you're interested in our mission, come check out our discord.

The Roadmap

Our mission is simple.To make the justice system work for the people, by the people.Our roadmap is the following:1. May
Launch the litDAO token known as the JFA (Justice For ALL).
This will provide DAO members with governance tokens to write and vote on proposals. Importantly, token holders will decide what cases to fund.
2. May-June
Create the legal entities to support our bold ambitions (i.e. Cayman Foundation).
3. June-December
Raise $20m by the end of 2022 to fund under resourced plaintiffs in impact litigation.
If you're interested in our mission, come check out our discord.


What is litDAO?

litDAO is a non profit DAO that will improve access to justice for underrepresented and under-resourced people.litDAO is building an endowment to support legal cases that protect civil and economic rights, as well as support historically marginalized people who go up against rich and powerful defendants and win.litDAO will also seek to support cases that will establish legal precedent in favor of the working class, consumers, the environment, and human rights, helping future plaintiffs to also prevail in court long after our involvement is over.

Mission Statement - What the DAO Works Towards

litDAO wants to make the justice system work for the people, by the people.We want to disrupt the power imbalance in the justice system and hold large corporations accountable for their actions. The idea is to achieve this as a community—a group of people from diverse backgrounds who collectively lead the organization.DAO members will be able to vote on which cases—and causes—to support under-represented and under-resourced plaintiffs bring cases against larger, wealthier defendants to protect the rights of consumers, workers, and everyday people.The idea is to do this as a community.

Values - Who We Are

We are lawyers and non-lawyers. What brings us together is our collective interest in seeing a fairer, more equitable justice system.We're dedicated. This is a long-term project that we hope will improve access to justice for many people over many years, and change the way folks secure legal representation.We're supportive. We're here to help, listen, and communicate in a way that is constructive and empowering to one another.We're honest. We are candid and forthright with our ideas, doubts, and goals. Exchanging these thoughts and feelings with each other is how we build a space worthy of trust and dedication.We’re mindful. We are mindful of the risks, pitfalls, and weight the legal system can bear on people. We want to wield our collective power responsibly and respectfully.

Focus Areas

Protecting the rights of under-represented, under-resourced, and historically marginalized people through the justice system.This includes protection of: Consumer rights, worker rights, civil/economic rights, environmental rights, and protection against fraud, discrimination, and police brutality.We have a particular interest in supporting the web3 ecosystem and those within it.

Objectives: ‘Our 3 mandates’

1. Fund cases that will benefit society and align with the DAO’s values2. Leverage Web 3/blockchain technology to increase the people’s participation and interest in the justice system3. Increase visibility and usage of web3/blockchain technology in the legal field (a notoriously archaic industry)

Long Term Goals

1. Community alignment: Build a community with a strong sense of participation and common goals. Help amplify the voices and priorities of the litDAO community and work together to achieve common goals. Form strong, long-standing relationships with public interest lawyers and legal nonprofits whose pursuits align with the DAO’s priorities2. Scale: Build a formidable war chest to invest in meaningful and impactful litigation; plan out how we will make decisions together as the DAO scales, and keep it accountable to its agreed upon decision-making schedule.3. Transparency and Accountability: Regularly assess, refine, and publicly communicate the goals and progress of litDAO, its causes and cases that it supports. Remain accountable to fellow community members, and plaintiffs we support.

Membership - What It Means to Be a litDAO Token Holder

litDAO members help decide which cases--and causes--to fund and support. They also help connect plaintiffs who could use our help and funding as they take on larger, wealthier defendants.Membership in litDAO is represented via the Justice For All (JFA) token.You can access the token via the litDAO treasury link.The treasury is governed by a multi sig gnosis safe.The DAO aims to become increasinly decentralised over time and will distribute reserved JFA tokens to key contributors as the DAO matures.The litDAO token (JFA) will give you access to our Snapshot and provide you with the ability to make proposals and vote on them.DAO members are responsible for proposing and voting on:
– How the DAO's treasury funds are allocated--which cases and causes to support.
– Changes to formal processes the DAO has agreed to follow.
– Election of operations and attorney advisory committee roles.


Want to know more?We'd love to hear from you on our discord.